The GD100 single-use GPS tracking device.

GD100 GPS Tracker

The world's first single-use disposable GPS tracker.

• Real-time GPS tracking

• No Charging Required

• Temperature & Light Sensors

The GD100 is the one and only single-use GPS monitoring device. Eliminates reverse logistics challenges and cost. The devices assists cargo theft investigation using real-time GPS and a built-in light sensor to determine when packages are being tampered or opened. The device immediately sends a notification to indicate that the package has been opened at an unscheduled time or unapproved location. The notification includes Google map location, time and date stamp.

Industries & Applications

• Protect pharmaceuticals and other high value cargo.

• Combat retail shrinkage.

• Fight organized crime.

• Preserve food and other perishable goods.

On the ground or in the air

SecureFlight™ Mode suppresses transmissions while onboard aircraft. Independent lab tested RTCA/DO-160 as instructed (or guided) by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

It’s no surprise that the GD100 is in demand. Contact us today to speak with an experienced advisor.



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